Smocked Clothing for the Holidays!

We all start to think about the holidays and try to plan every last detail and hope that we are as ready as we can be.   The holidays are my favorite time of year.   I enjoy being with my friends and family.  Celebrating the season and enjoying life.  Watching our children enjoy this time of year and reflect on their memories of holidays past.   I love looking at pictures from over the years and even of when I was a child.  I remember my Nana’s cake she used to bake every year and my Opa’s (grandfather) cookies that he would make.  I remember playing with cousins for hours and hours while our parents enjoyed their time together.  I hope to make the holidays as special for my family as my memories are for me.  The time we spend with our friends and family is precious.  A year goes by so fast but at least it can be filled with wonderful memories.

For those of you who are organized and ready to start planning your annual holiday card, we have lots to choose from this year. We have a snowman collection which is perfect for wear all winter long and we have a more traditional look, our Two Turtle Doves collection. All of these outfits can be mixed and matched with a beautiful winter blue theme.

Our Snowman outfits are for children ages 18 months to 8 years old. The precious snowman is juggling snowballs on a light blue fabric. A wonderful whimsical look that your little one’s will love!  The girls A-Line dress is reversible with a valentine on the reverse.   This dress is perfect for your Valentine’s day party at school!




















































Our girls ‘Geometric Pant Set’  is ADORABLE! It is one of my favorite outfits this season! Who knew that designing a geometric pattern would be more difficult than our themed smocked outfits. Well, after numerous attempts to get the look that we wanted….we got it, we nailed it!  The pants are finished with a beautiful flared leg.  It is a perfect winter look and will look beautiful matching either our’ Snowman or Two Turtle Dove’s’ collection.

















Our ‘Two Turtle Doves’ will take your breath away. The smocking is perfect. Two turtle doves smocked on a light blue bishop or longall with green holly and berries on either side will complete your holiday look.  Imagine the holidays this year as your little ones proudly play with their cousins or friends and will always remember their favorite outfit. The pictures will last a lifetime as will their precious memories.

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    LISA FIELDS says:

    I’m not sure which is cutest….the clothes or your models!!!! They definately compliment each other! Beautiful children and delightful outfits. My Libby & Emma Grace would look so cute in them also!

    Lisa Fields

  2. Brittany Hampton Tokar
    Brittany Hampton Tokar says:

    So adorable. And I love the light blue…such a nice change from all the green and red everywhere. Would love to see my three girls mixing and matching in these. My favorites here are the geometric pants set and the snowman dress. Or maybe the snowman dress for all three of my girls but with different color long sleeve cotton shirts underneath…how cute would that be?

  3. Chantelle
    Chantelle says:

    Your clothes is awesome. My daughter loves your bishop dresses and she is the only one with them since we are in NY and nobody here wear them. She has gotten tons of compliments wherever we go and I am so happy you carry her size because nobody else does.


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