Southern Smocked Clothing

Traditional heirloom clothing is a southern right of passage.  Big bows, Mary Jane shoes and a beautiful smocked dress just screams childhood to young southern belles.  Jon jons, longalls, Peter Pan collared shirts and saddle oxfords are the spittin’ image of our young southern gents.

Now, that being said,  who says that little boys have to wear smocked teddy bears and balloons and little girls have to wear smocked ballet shoes and fairys?  That’s where our clothing line comes into play….we at Crescent Moon Children believe that little  boys can wear smocked blue marlin, hunting dogs, blue crabs, and duck calls!!  Little girls can also wear smocked clothing with the same images…they too are young children who love ducks and fish!   Dress your children in beautiful clothing that they will beg to wear!  Our clothing is “Dad” approved!

Cherish this time and remember, they are only little once!




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