Moments Equal Memories Equal Childhood

My kids have been begging me to make slime all summer.  My daughter found a simple recipe to make play dough.  She gathered up the ingredients at the store and proudly showed off her basket.  How could I say no to this child now?  She’s taken it upon herself to not only find a recipe (without Borax), but has found all of the ingredients at the store(along with some cookies and doughnuts of course).  It was time to make slime!

We got home and sat down together to bring the You Tube video’s that she has been studying to life.  My son even joined in and we all enjoyed this simple time together.   My point is, sometimes we all need to remember what really matters.  Enjoy today and make the moments count.  Make time for what matters most and the rest will always work out.  Distractions(work, chores, to do lists…) will always be there but the moments can pass by if we don’t take the time.  Plan a family game night, take a walk together, plan a picnic, make dinner together as a family, read a book together!  Start with one and make the time…

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